Weddings - rjephoto


Congratulations !!!  

We are filled with joy to hear of your engagement and wedding! 

Thank you for taking your time to come pay us a visit; it is a pleasure to have you over! 

"Any photograph will show you how something looks;                  it takes an artist to capture the feeling of a moment"

Please enjoy this collection of magical moments..

Each and every one containing the emotion of the moment:  surprise, joy, warmth, and love

We look forward to capturing your most magical of moments,   so you may enjoy them time and time again!

Every wedding is special, beautiful, and unique!

Countless details go into making a wedding what it is;                   and each one carries with it a memory to behold.

All of the art, design, and creativity that go into your wedding day paint a picture of you and your love.

All of these little things, effects, are moments not necessarily with people; and contain a special feeling of their own!

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