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This is going to be the best day of your lives!

There is nothing on Earth that feels quite like the amazing, loving energy that you are surrounded with on your wedding-day; the best way to begin you new journey together.

Wedding photography is not just pointing a camera and clicking, nor is it a simple matter of prepared-for moments and staged looks. 

There are unexpected occurrences, unforeseen happenings, and all of the little details that you overlook whilst being wrapped up in the goigns-on of your special  day.

All of these beautiful moments make up your wedding experience. They tell its story for what it truly is and how it all felt, and for you both truly are. That's where I come in!

It is my honor and  pleasure to tell the story of what made your wedding day quite so magical, quite so special, and what made everyone feel loved.  -RJE

Order prints right from your gallery, by Bayphoto print lab!

This is one of my favorite 5-star print labs, and they put in the extra time to manually make sure that each of your prints is absolutely perfect, guaranteed.

There are so many printing options:  Thank-You cards, paper, fine art media, metal, wood, matting and framing, albums, books, ornaments, phone cases, cards, mugs, puzzles, and more!

Send a message anytime to discuss creating your printwork!

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