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if you download an entire gallery, which is an option while within your selected gallery, our  website host, Smugmug, will send you an email with a link to download a ZIP file from their secure file server.

The ZIP files can hold about 100 photos each full-size, and 500 photos each web-size.  Save each ZIP file to your computer, and double-click to extract each one to the same location.  Please let me know if you need a hand sorting out your photos!



Artist Edit Photographs

our professional-level edited photos, by the artist, rje. 

these images been manually corrected for:  exposure, color tone, distortion, and crop

these images have been artistically modified to create a specific feeling, or level of realism in the eyes of the artist; employing such techniques as: cinematic looks, blemish removal, skin softening, object removal, detail enhancement, exposure correction, shadow correction, vignetting, highlighting, & more

Full Sized Images are the maximum possible resolution.

Full Sized Images are best used for graphic design or print work.

- Prints may be ordered directly from full-sized galleries only - 

Web Sized Images are 2048p long-side maximum resolution.

Web Sized Images are additionally sharpened (screen:standard) to counteract the quality loss from image compression of social media platforms

please only upload web sized images to social media, thanks!

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reviews & thank-you cards

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