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RJEphoto is located in New Jersey; and ready to travel to any destination.

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Architectural & Property

when so much effort is put into building the perfect structure, or designing an office building that doesn't entirely feel like "being at work", or a masterfully painted home interior; that hard work deserves to be shown off in vivid, high-resolution photographs.

architectural & property photography services available for...

•residential   •commercial    •local business   •corporate office   •real-estate  •travel


this is going to be the best day of your lives; there is nothing that feels quite like the amazing, loving energy that you are blasted with by everyone. it is an honor and a pleasure to capture every little detail of just what makes your wedding day quite so magical.

   destination and local wedding photography services...

•proposal  •engagement  •full wedding  •half wedding  •hourly wedding  •anniversary  •family




you are beautiful; let's take a photograph and show the world!

::On-Location with mobile studio lighting::

•headshot •portfolio •corporate •fashion •boudoir •sport •fitness •family

::In-Studio with lighting and backdrop::

•headshot •portfolio •fine-art portrait •custom portrait


Corporate & Commercial

when the word "professional" comes to mind, it is followed with: business, leadership, in-charge attitude, sharp, enticing, with attention to details.

   corporate and commercial services available for...

•executive portraiture     •company event     •architectural                           •marketing promotional       •product          •travel            


you are about to host the most amazing gathering that everyone has been to lately; and i cannot wait to show them what a great time that was enjoyed by all, all thanks to you!

   half-day and full-day event services available for...

•family events     •music festivals     •musicians     •night clubs    •black-tie      •artist-performer     •food-beverage festival

-Location Event Photography-

Photography Lessons

RJEphoto Student Portal:  https://www.rjephoto.com/Students

you have a camera in your hand, a vision dancing around your mind, and a desire to share what you're seeing with the world! everyone experiences this beautiful world differently.

if you have an artistic gift to share your experience with others, let's refine that amazing ability, and have  everyone marvel in all the little details and hidden things that they might have missed out on.

teaching services available for...

•photography basics       •manual settings      •lenses: how to select and use      •portraiture basics   •landscape basics    •sports & wildlife basics    •events basic    •flash basics   •on-camera flash   •off-camera flash    •studio lighting & diffusers    •social media marketing      •photoshop     •lightroom   •website design & IT         

On-Location & Studio Portrait Photography

Photo Editing

you're a professional digital photographer, and almost no one understands what its like to work with the thousands of photographs of your hard drive, let alone how much energy it takes to creatively organize and edit hundreds photographs for each client; and forget about even trying to explain to a client what a RAW file is.  let's face it, you'd probably enjoy having more time to be out there creating art with your camera instead of sitting in front of your computer.  the only ones who really understand that feeling are other photographers, especially ones who love editing, and that's where i step in...

photo editing services available for...

•wedding & event photographers     •portrait retouching     •architectural & real estate       •photograph scanning       •negative scanning    •printed photo restoration 

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