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"My intention is to provide Real Estate and Property professionals with the highest quality of services, in a timely fashion, at a fair price.

It's everything a successful realtor needs, all in one place."  -RJE

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What's your favorite tactic for effective sales turnover, or client-engagement with your property?

"In my own experience, I believe that efficient organization, a streamlined process, and minimal time gone to waste is one the best ways to accomplish these goals.

How can you do that with your property or listing though?

Simple.  You hire one professional to provide all of the services. Working with one dedicated professional will immediately save time, be easier to coordinate, will reduce your stress levels from dealing with many people, and will leave you smiling when you receive all of your content simultaneously, from the same source."

Service - Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual Tour Teaser with Google Earth Intro

Interactive Virtual Reality Tours

This is the ultimate way to showcase your listing, rental property, commercial space, or structural space.  

From the comfort of home, or from your phone, you can become fully immersed into a virtual reality space.

The space can be navigated by clicking, zooming, and panning around visible areas. The "Play" button can be clicked for an automated tour through the environment.

Outdoor areas are also captured with 360-degree scans.

A highlight showcase of snapshots are provided for easy-viewing and quick navigation around the space.

Text and Multimedia Tags may be added into each space with useful information, or multimedia links.

Simply put:  There is no better way to get clients into your property than to put them there virtually, from anywhere in the world.

Each virtual space can display your contact information, branding information, and a web link. 

Additionally for MLS use, none of this information can be displayed.

Sample Virtual Tour - 5500sqft Residential

Sample Virtual Tour - Ski Resort Rental Property

Service - DSLR Photographs

This is another must-have for Real Estate Professionals and for any rental property.

High Quality Photographs are the first experience that clients will have with your property, and making those photographs stand out generates more engagement.

It takes 8 seconds for someone to make a first-impression of your home, so make those seconds count.  People don't buy a house, they buy the feeling of being at home.

Positioning your home on the market is critical.  Market research shows that staged listings can sell for 6-13% above the asking price, and up to 40% faster than unstaged listings.  A staging professional will know just how to make your environment look as spacious as possible, and feel just as welcome as home. 

Please feel free to ask about the staging service I use for my photographs.

I use a high-end Canon DSLR and ultra-wide angle lenses to capture as much as possible of the room or space in each photograph, along with an architectural tripod head to ensure that everything is straight and level. 

Distortion is a thing of the past.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and editing techniques are used to ensure that everything is properly exposed; and you can see out of the windows even on a sunny day. HDR images are edited for realism, and not overdone.

Perfectly exposed photographs are the ones that get results and sales.

Each room is photographed from primary angles, at an appropriate height, and with key points of interest or design features in mind.

Service - Floor Plans

2D architecturally rendered floor plans tell your client one thing:   Professional

Each floor plan comes along with: individual room labels and measurements, room structural features denoted with standard markings, and the overall square footage per floor and per dwelling is estimated and totalled.

Additional Services for Realtors and Property Professionals

Additionally, I am happy to provide professional services in the following areas that you may find beneficial for your Real Estate Sale or Rental Property:

◦ Virtual Tour Marketing Video Clips & Full Walkthrough Video Clip

◦ Image Overlays from Virtual Tour (no background, overhead, sideview, dollhouse)

◦ Professional Videographer Service

◦ Professional Video Editor Service

Drone / Aerial Media 

◦ Marketing Content Design for Print Material

◦ Descriptive & Creative Writing for Listings

◦ Portrait Sessions & Headshots  

◦ General Technical Computer Training

◦ Social Media Marketing Training:  Instagram, Facebook & YouTube

Please contact me directly to discuss pricing and  scheduling availability.

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