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- Michael Vera -

Hello! It is my pleasure to share these photographs with you.

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Printing Options

You may order prints directly from your gallery via the shopping-cart.

rjephoto.com is tethered to Bayphoto Print Lab to make printing easy. 

"Bayphoto is one of the top 3 print labs in the country, offers the best protecting-shipping, and all of their prints have a 'wow' effect. I highly recommend this lab, and use them for my own printing needs." -RJE



There's an app for that !!

The easiest way to show off your favorite photos nowadays is.. with an app!

* Click this link from your mobile: https://www.rjephoto.com/Client/Premium/MichaelVera/n-mK58R5?mobile

* Click the "add to home screen" button. (or Upward Arrow)

* Launch your app and enjoy the mobile experience!

Bayphoto Premium Printing

This is one of my favorite 5-star print labs, and they put in the extra time to manually make sure that each of your prints is absolutely perfect, guaranteed.

Bayphoto is one of our country's top 3 print labs, in terms of quality; their prints always create a 'wow' effect. They are also the leader in protective shipping.

There are so many printing options! paper, fine art media, metal, wood, matting and framing, albums, books, ornaments, phone cases, cards, mugs, puzzles, and more!

Send a message anytime to discuss creating your printwork!

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