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56% of people globally are low income

People living on $2-10 daily are classified as low income

There's 7 billion people in the world; that’s about 4 billion people, living on about $2 USD a day.

If you are able to view this webpage, you aren’t doing so bad in comparison.

7% of the world’s population is considered to be “high income”, about 500 million people, being able to live on $50/day or more. ($1500/mo for example)

We are some of the most fortunate people in the world, we are some of the most capable people in the world; there has never been an easier time to help other people, and to help those who already are.

If you live in America, and have a yearly income of $34,000 USD, congratulations! You are in the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people.

If you can afford to spend $5 on your morning coffee, then surely you are one of the fortunate few who can help another person, who can make a difference in another human being’s life.

That is your duty, and a large part of your purpose here.

"But how on earth do i find a charity that, you know, does the right thing? Something that’s not a scam?"

Have no fear!  There are various utilities on the internet to help out; here are some that we use for our charitable donations, it is our pleasure to share them with you!

Washington Square Park, NYC

General Information

Consumer Reports  - Everything you  need to know before you start donating

How financially rich am i?

Amazon Prime Members

Amazon will make a donation for every order you place from

Make sure to type "" in your address bar before checkout.

Visit "" for details about selecting your charity, and getting started!

Charity Watchdogs

A "charity watchdog" is a charitable organization which monitors charities, and reviews them under various criteria.

The three watchdogs we have listed really go above and beyond with their available information, allowing a high level of transparency with the organizations you are considering donating to.      Give Wisely To Charity‎

                      Charity Navigator:  Your Guide To Intelligent Giving               BBB Wise Giving Alliance‎              

In 2016, 17, & 18, we researched many charities and thoughtfully decided to make our yearly donation to:

charity: water

a foundation bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

the organization inspires giving and empowers others to fundraise for sustainable water solutions globally.

646-688-2323 40 Worth Street, Suite 330 New York, NY 10013

In 2017, we donated three full days of our photography-in-the-snow services to the Killington Mountain School, in conjunction with a team of local Vermont photographers, to provide all of the kids in the NorthEast with simply the best ski competition photos ever.

Thanks for having us KMS!! It was snow much fun !!!

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